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Rio Dulce

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Rio Dulce... a Natural Treasure

Rio Dulce is located in the district of Izabal in Guatemala and is one of the most desirable cruising destinations and recreation spots in the world.

Rio Dulce means "sweet river". Its waters are fresh and clean, cause there are no industry anywhere along the system of rivers and lakes that make up the Rio Dulce.

Rio Dulce - Lookout View


Traveling in Rio Dulce

Rio Dulce Canyon

Rio Dulce has a huge ammount of visitors every year. Its located on the way to the Maya Biosphere and 25 miles from the Caribbean. It connects the biggest lake in Guatemala, Lake Izabal, with the Atlantic Ocean.

You may travel easily from Rio Dulce to other destinations such as Tikal, Quirigua or Livingston in Guatemala, and Copan in Honduras. You may even go by water or land to Belize.

Rio Dulce is spectacular for sight seeing, since it’s surrounded by nature, wildlife and incredible geological formations.

Destinations to visit at Rio Dulce

One of the most impressive locations on the river is just upriver from Livingston, The Canyon. Here the river becomes very narrow and tall canyon walls rise on both sides of the river. The view is stunning.

Rio Dulce - Kayaking

The Chocon Machacas Biotope, a natural sanctuary for the West Indian Manatee is also an incredible place to get in contact with nature, its calm waters and biological diversity makes of it, a perfect place for Manatees, however it's very difficult to spot this aquatic mammals unless you hire a professional guide for this porpouse.

Text Courtesy of RioDulce Travel Network.


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