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Visions and dreams are to reality what clouds and moisture are to rain, rivers and oceans. This vision started beyond time, perhaps it was always there, it has been blooming in this one lifetime, my life. My life and the place where Tijax is established came together through what seems a series of coincidences, some luck, chance, being in the right place at the right time, the right friends and of course the Vision always there.

Since I was a child I loved trees and forests. In the forests I visited there was a smell so special, the coolness, the lights and sounds. These stirred in me awe and a certainty in a magic beyond the city life I knew in my daily routine...The fantasy of a child fanned by readings of fables and stories of knights and lost mines in distant exotic lands laid a foundation upon which ideas and concepts later took hold.

It was possible to live life in ways totally different from the standard western bourgeois concept of urban life. It was possible to live from and with nature and it’s creatures in a harmonious balance and there had to be more to life than just growing up, studying, forming a family, working and being productive followed by a slow decline into a gracious (hopefully) retirement and then death.

Everything around me tried to sell me the idea that having more was good. More clothes, a late model car, the white picket fence house, “The Career” and “The Job” the “Pretty wife”, nice kids, Christmas and all the toys. In reality people that apparently had it all were not exactly happy nor healthy.

Tijax Art

Tijax Rainbow

A vague plan evolved... I would buy some land and build a self sustaining farm with as much self sufficiency as possible. Friends would come and go and those who lived there would help support this refuge, a sanctuary for both humans and other creatures. We would have solar panels, organic crops, wind and hydro power, we would sell some of our product but have a high degree of self sufficiency, and we would dance and meditate and live happily under the sun and the moon and the stars. We would of course Love each other and have highly developed spiritual lives...

Unfortunately for me I was only twenty at the time and nobody bought my rather vague idea for a perfect world. Too bad.

The good news is: I stuck to it. Another twenty years went by and as if in a dream where things don’t quite happen like you want them to but then they do anyways, things started coming together again. This time I had the money, the land appeared and from there it has evolved into the reality you will read about in this site.

A warning: Tijax being by nature a “magical” place will only show you what you want to see.

José Arguelles interprets the meaning of Tijax (Etznab in Mayan) from “The Mayan Factor” a book about the Mayan Calendar as: “Hall of Mirrors, Ritual Pattern of “No-Time”, Ritual Stroke, Ritual Knife, Sword of Wisdom and Purification. North.” From conversations with Shamans I have gathered that Tijax is the symbol for the chipped obsidian or chert stone that was used in healing and bloodletting ceremonies and the sacrificial knives hence the concept of “healing pain”, “suffering”, “cutting through” as in searching for the truth and finally “transparency” and “clarity”.

Fly on Little Wing, fly on through the night ....... Jimmy

-Eugenio Gobbato


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